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    Fuck Percy! He was an asshole. #WeasleyIsOurKing

    lmao wrong fandom sweetie

    Percy was pompous, but he came to fight with his family in the end. Not only that, but Percy just chose the wrong side and had a different view from his family- much like Sirius Black.
    It was Arthur who said the ministry was using Percy, and how do you think it makes a person feel when their own parents don’t think they get to a certain point based on their own abilities?
    It was also Arthur who told him to leave, instead of trying to understand his son.

    Percy was an ass, but then again, you can say that about Arthur too- who is supposedly one of the nicest dudes.

    Just saying.

    l m a o  w r o n g  f a n d o m  s w e e t i e 

    a glorious but stressful day for the pjo fandom

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  3. I remember. 

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    #no words needed

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    what if rose took more than just his nose 

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    because we’re all bloody inspired(listen)

    i. youth // daughter ii. mad sounds // arctic monkeys iii. oh death // jen titus iv. ghosts that we knew // mumford and sons v. demons // imagine dragons vi. monster // imagine dragons vii. bleeding out // molly hunt cover viii. weight of living part 1 // bastille ix. weight of living part 2 x. tommorow will be kinder // the secret sisters xi. we are broken // paramore xii. when the darkness comes // shelby merry xiii. dead man walking // the script xiv. burn // the pretty reckless xv. 21 guns // green day xvi. just a game // birdy

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    finally sat down to do some sketching 

    thomas, you’re an idiot 

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    poem (x)

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  11. For several seconds, Thomas felt like the world had frozen in place. A thick silence followed the thunderous rumble of the Door closing, and a veil of  d a r k n e s s  seemed to cover the sky, as if even the s u n had been frightened away by what lurked in the Maze.

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  12. Dean Winchester being pretty in 9.13 The Purge. (2)

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  14. Where am I?
    Nowhere good.

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